You can run but you can’t hide. If you fail to answer reporters questions in a candid and detailed manner, lots of folks will poke around and discover your checkered past. You may have won an Olympic Gold Medal, Mr. Dale Begg-Smith who runs/ran AdsCPM, but your checkered past is back to haunt you. February 20, 2006 –

An Aussie starts the ball rolling
Please see this thread on the GeekVillage Forums. Started by the owner (Joshua Smith/ Czar) who recognized the names while he was watching TV and then performed some outstanding research which discovered this low life’s checkered past. Dale Begg-Smith of AdsCPM is a banned member of this Community and you can even read his comments before he was banned inside this thread. This thread also contains complaints from members.
The Media Interview with Begg-Smith
“A self-made, Lamborghini-driving millionaire at only age 21, he was a study in composure and precision during his winning run, knees in flawless symmetry and jump landings clean.
He didn’t want to talk about his internet ad-tracking business and refused even to give the name of the operation.
“I don’t know,” he said, when asked repeatedly to name the business he started when he was 13 with his older brother, Jason, also a moguls skier who didn’t qualify for the final Wednesday.
“It was like, so long ago. I haven’t been doing much on that the last couple years.”
Nice try DUDE! Thank you so much for infecting all those machines.
A band of criminals
Like every other Spyware player, they get greedy and continue to do nasty stuff with other sites. Sometimes they try and hide their deplorable actions by taking the site down but that doesn’t work. For example:
“Welcome to Ranked top 500 on, we are one of the highest traffic advertising agencies on the web. Our download partner does 100,000 software downloads a day. does 20,000,000 pops a day.”
– AdsCPM actually ran and hosted This exe is loaded with Spyware.
– FreeScratchAndWin also installed lop/rnd and in it’s earlier iteration dealt with xzoomy. It has it’s own parasite designation and eadgbe appears to be correct that it is affiliated with adscpm somehow
–, which is actively running also has the contact info (Mike Cass) was apparently involved in some autodownload via exploit activity (no prompt download).
Special thanks and attribution to Scott Ashman – CTO Jaspin Interactive for the 3 Spyware connections noted above.
How about a cross check for these allegations? Try this: The dedicated server which currently hosts ALSO hosts:
21 domains found on
Advice for Mr. Dale Begg-Smith
1) Return your Olympic Gold Medal. Your checkered past has tainted the Olympics and you don’t represent the high moral and ethical standards which the Olympics endorse.
2) Come clean with additional details. Remember, we just started our invesatigation on you!
3) Return all your “wealth” to the Canadian authorities. Including but not limited to your Lamborghini and all the money you have stashed away.
4) Cooperate with the local authorities and provide details of other Spyware players.
Advice for local authorities
Investigate Mr. Dale Begg-Smith to confirm these details. Then use the Olympics connection as a tool to prosecute this Spyware distributor under your local laws which may apply. Imagine the “ink” you can garner by using the Olympics and this Spyware player.